• Welcome to the Red world!

    Welcome to the Red world!

  • To the most passionate and tender terriers devoted.

    To the most passionate and tender terriers devoted.

  • Irish Terrier - harmony, force, emotions.

    Irish Terrier - harmony, force, emotions.

  • You're gold, pure gold, and no dog was ever minted like you in all the world (Jack London).

    You're gold, pure gold, and no dog was ever minted like you in all the world (Jack London).

Tonic at 4 months.«I know for sure that everything is possible…» the lines from Russian pop-song span in my head. So long-awaited little red puppy is finally clasped to a heart; ahead are new cares, happiness and hopes... A dream came true – Irish Terrier Tonic came from Australia and made his first amused steps on our part of the world. Four-month old puppy has travelled a 4-days long way – from Perth to Sydney, then to Bangkok, Stockholm and finally reached Riga. He could have arrived sooner, if not a sad mistake in his documents. This was because, according to EU rules, a rabies shot should be done only after a dog has a microchip. Whether accidentally or not, Tonic’s papers were mixed up and filled incorrectly. Finally we got an answer from our Animal Health Office – Tonic was allowed to leave Sweden and already registered for a flight: there is no such phenomenon as rabies in Australia, so there is no risk for Latvia too. Can you imagine what was my tremble and how high was my emotional tension during this forced wait?

Tired and whacked out, but not lost his optimism, which is so peculiar for Irish Terriers, Tonic kept wits, when he appeared in our house the very first time. Our daughter Nastya has many toys, especially fluffy ones. This was luck! Tonic decided to play with all of them at once, eagerly snatched one after another. Tried to hide them somewhere, but didn’t know where yet. Then he climbed on the sofa and his eyes changed – you could witness the birth of a dog’s thought…. All toys were neatly piled…. on the sofa! To be honest, Tonic still amazes me with his creative approach to many thighs and his sagacity. Besides, he turned out to be easily taught, in spite of his breed, which in general is quite balky.

“Couldn’t you find anyone closer?” - my friends ask me baffled questions. I have to play cunning and say “It turned out so!” instead of “No, I couldn’t!” In fact, no one in Europe could offer me a puppy of the level I wanted. I have established good relationship with Neridah Sharrett (ANLUAN kennel) – a professional with huge experience and just very responsive person. All negotiations were leaded through the Internet; I received dozens of pictures and many videos. I will never tire to thank Neridah for the credence she gave to me, letting such dog as Tonic to the far country of Latvia. In other words, I didn’t have much choice – only Australia! World Wide Web has narrowed our world to the utmost, people, which yesterday seemed to be so far away, now are bought closer within an arm reach. That’s why a continent of kangaroo and crocodiles now seems to be much closer than it is. By the way, another famous Irish terrier’s breeder from Ural – Magnitogorsk - helped me to choose Tonic!

The second most often asked question – “How much money was spent for the dog?”. Oh, how I whish to keep this information in secret! And do not count money, because, generally speaking, money doesn’t make a big sense, especially for such kind of person like me, who never has them. Of course we paid a lot. For this money I could have bought a small bunch of puppies in Latvia or near abroad, but it wouldn’t be so interesting and I would hardly ever heard so much excited feedbacks and hardly ever gained so much friends among the lovers of this breed. The interest to my red fellow is not accidental, he is a high-class dog, which are few in Europe, and moreover he is a new blood keeper. So I can confidently say that Tonic breathed a new life, new hopes and expectations into my everyday life.

By the way, each time I was looking for a puppy, I was thinking for a nickname in advance. And each time for some reason I couldn’t bring to Latvia any of them. My dismay grew, until I had an idea – whenever and whatever it is, I will call him Tonic. Bright and easy to remember name, moreover, perfectly complemented with a female half – Gina – in the future. This name aptly conveys the essence of an Irish terrier, whose presence in the house tones up everyone and everything. I have never met a dog with such a nickname until that moment, when my puppy was taken out of his case…. and went to look what we have here. Tonic, definitely Tonic! There was an idea to call him Sneak at the peak of his stealing activity. Then it started to reduce, but his jaws became remarkably strong, this gave a handle to call him a Crocodile, as he could easily gnaw through the tent binding. Sounds nice and linked to his motherland…this was a joke of course!

If to be serious, I could have bought a dog of any other breed, but I am faithful to Irish Terriers already for many years. At first I liked them because they are easy to keep – medium and compact size, non-staining colour, and absence of an expressed seasonal molt, which should be replaced with a grooming procedure - stripping. Then I appreciated their non-extreme structure, which allows the representatives of this breed to accompany me during the walks easily and quickly for hours, ran after a bike, swim, rush trough the hills: neither the structure of feets, nor the breath will fail. «Irish» - are very sportive dogs and deserve to be called the fastest representative of the terrier breed. The absence of a long list of genetical diseases also is of an importance. Everything is because this breed never was of a great fashion, even today no one would keep an Irish Terrier with an aim to become rich – this breed always was and remains to be a choice for the people of a special state of mind, with the same character, but not an attribute of fashion, which should raise the prestige in the society. As the main traits of this breed I would name their passion and tenderness, but the main needs – to think and to act. Sometimes they remind the bundles of energy, but sometimes they are meltingly tender. They always try to stay close to their owner, to participate in all undertakings. I love them for their eternal optimism, creative way of thinking and their on-and-off whish to be wiser and cunning than their owner (helps to keep your mind on very well!). My beloved traveller Tonic grows just the same – like a worthy representative of the Irish Terrier breed.


Anluan Prince Ofthieves with prizes (at 1 year of age).


Ksenija Sizova
(+371) 293 777 09
Rīga, Latvija
Aglonas 31-22,

Once you get to know an Irish Terrier well enough to get acquainted with his personality, to recognize the depth of his love, to behold his proud almost swaggering carriage, his catlike grace of movement and blinding speed and coordination of muscle, and his magnificent courage and heart, and to see his unnerving intelligence displayed again and again, you will be convinced that the Irish Terrier is one of the most magnificent of God's creations in the dog family.

From "Long-Legged Irishman,
Biography of a Terrier,"
by Byron N. Martin

The Irish Terrier

A friendly face
A fiery heart
A spirit - wild and free
A temperament of solid gold
There's no other dog for me

A chestnut coat
So rich, so red
Two eyes as black as night
A stature - sturdy, strong and hard
He'll impress with all his might

A friend for life
That's what he'll be
So loyal and oh so proud
This dog could never fail you
He's a treasure in a crowd.

by Tracey Deegan-Foley

is a
Proud Member
of the
Irish Terrier Ring

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