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Me and Tonic.Not so many things in my life went easily and fast - usually it takes years to achieve anything, pushing it to the linmit to reach the final goal. Same with the creation of this site about favorite breed. Materials for each page carefully stored in a computer and waited in the wings, the design ideas thought changed repeatedly, until, finally, it became any more or less important part of the whole - an information resource that can tell about the breed to beginner or professional. My attitude to the Irish terriers is invested in every bar, in every line, each page. Still, to my great dismay, no matter how I try, none of the web resource does not convey the atmosphere of the Irish terrier living in the house, and how I love red ones actually.

Yours faithfully, Ksenija Sizova.



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Once you get to know an Irish Terrier well enough to get acquainted with his personality, to recognize the depth of his love, to behold his proud almost swaggering carriage, his catlike grace of movement and blinding speed and coordination of muscle, and his magnificent courage and heart, and to see his unnerving intelligence displayed again and again, you will be convinced that the Irish Terrier is one of the most magnificent of God's creations in the dog family.



From "Long-Legged Irishman,
Biography of a Terrier,"
by Byron N. Martin




The Irish Terrier

A friendly face
A fiery heart
A spirit - wild and free
A temperament of solid gold
There's no other dog for me

A chestnut coat
So rich, so red
Two eyes as black as night
A stature - sturdy, strong and hard
He'll impress with all his might

A friend for life
That's what he'll be
So loyal and oh so proud
This dog could never fail you
He's a treasure in a crowd.

by Tracey Deegan-Foley 


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